"TransArea Studies" Series 1: Webinar on Romanticism

From March 12th to June 4th 2021, the HCTS organized the first event of the “TransArea Study” series, a webinar on Romanticism. This 12-week webinar was presented by Prof. Dr. Ottmar Ette, Director of the Center, and moderated by Dr. Ren Haiyan, Executive Deputy Director of the Center.

This webinar attempts to explore the (perhaps already lost) unity of Romanticism behind the diversity of Romantic discourses between two worlds, Europe and America.

Was there one Romanticism or were there many?

What distinguishes the literatures of Romanticism in France and Germany, in Spain and Italy, in the north and especially in the south of the American continents?

What forms of writing does a poet like Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, who commutes between Spain and Cuba, develop?

What possibilities of mediation does Germaine de Staël see in the German-French dialogue?

What is the relationship between Baudelaire's poetry and Poe's writings?

What determined the reception of German Romanticism in Mexico?

This webinar provides a view of the extent to which inter- and transcultural relations existed between countries and continents in the century of nationalism and questions the monologues of national literary orientation.

This webinar conceives Romanticism no longer as a national-literary or European, but as a worldwide literary phenomenon that brings to bear the polyphony and polylogic of Romanticism: Romanticism is a value in itself.

Watch more on bilibili:https://space.bilibili.com/1988161510

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